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Following Mediocre Super Bowl Performance:
Pittsburgh Steelers Turn to the Dark Side 

After winning their fifth Super Bowl title, the Pittsburgh Steelers already started their preparations for the next season. Their less-than-perfect performance at the game, followed by the retirement of Jerome Bettis, "The Bus", left Steelers coach Bill Cowher and owner Dan Rooney concerned.

This concern has motivated a speedy negotiation process, leading to the announcement that a new player will join the Steelers, to ensure their superiority in the future (see image below).

"He is a natural", says Cowher about the new player, "he never puts his helmet down". 

Adds quarterback Ben Roethlisberger: "I've always wanted to play with a receiver that can make the ball come to him, even when my aim is off".

Other Steelers members voiced concern about the new acquisition. "He doesn't seem to be a team player", alleged Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward, "he is definitely not 'one of the guys'". 

NFL officials expressed mixed feelings. "What happens if he disagrees with a holding call  against him? Is he going to render the referee breathless?" asked NFL Commissioner, Paul Tagliabue. "On the other hand, this may provide a new attraction for the fans".

Meanwhile, several other NFL teams are relentlessly pursuing contracts with Obi-Wan Kenobi as an offensive guard, and Yoda as head coach.

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