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the LEEK Movie Review:

The Fellowship Of The Ball

Reviewed by Gabe Meadow

An international soccer cup tournament brings in a new, other-universe team from...
Middle-Earth! The members of the Fellowship thus find out that they are the chosen players! 
It seems even a more hopeless task then destroying the One Ring, as they attempt to deal with getting the hang of the game, understanding modern technology, and dealing with Orlando Bloom's fan(atic) girl followers, who now go for the real Legolas! 

Will the Fellowship overcome the criticism and opposition, on and off the field? 
Can Gandalf ever not crash the computer when he starts it up? 
Can Gimli refrain from headbutting his opponents? 
And will Legolas manage to avoid getting kissed to death? 

Just watch the movie! 

"Long Legs" Legolas,
"Free Kick" Frodo, 
"Striker" Sam, 
"Yellow Card" Merry, 
"Penalty" Pippin, 
"Goalmouth" Gimli, 
"Shinguards" Aragorn,
and Gandalf "The Ref"

Ratings & Reviews: 
An epic and comic masterpiece. 9/10.

MPAA Rating: 
PG 10 - for heavy-handed tackles and heated headbutting.

Action (Sports) 

Memorable Quote: 
"So, the object of the game is to score the higher amount of goals... points... things..." (Pippin) "Not the clueless Rivendell thing again!" (Merry)

Spoiler Alert!
Find out about the conclusion of the movie...

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