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Movie Reviews

Lord of The Rings
The Fellowship Of The Ball

An international soccer cup tournament brings in a new, other-universe team from... Middle-Earth! The members of the Fellowship thus find out that they are the chosen players...

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Star Wars
How the Empire Stole Christmas

In this Star Wars movie, the empire reveals the location of Santa's toy workshop at the North Pole and attempts to destroy it Luckily, the force is with Santa...

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Married with Children
Ignored by the Ring

Al Bundy ("Married with Children") goes on a quest to get rid of his cursed wedding ring.

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King Commando
Payback Time

Somewhere, somehow, someone is going to pay him (90%)...

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Chicken's Angels
Full Cattle

The Chic-fil-A chicks are saveing cows again, while on the steakout for the "thin men" gang.

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Perfection in Green

The town of Perfection turns into a waste disposal center, and the locals join the Green Party.

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Anakin Vs. Predator

Anakin Skywalker finally finds an equal opponent in the form of the Predator.

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